FIT 4 TWO Mom & Baby Live Classes

Mom & Baby Classes

Our live classes are taught by qualified Fit 4 Two instructors only and each class is 45 minutes long.

These classes have been designed for moms who are just getting back into an exercise routine after having a baby. They are suitable for moms who are at least 6 weeks post-c-section delivery or at least 4 weeks post a normal, uncomplicated birth.

There is a component of cardiovascular, strength and core strengthening as well as mobility work in each class. Before participating in a class you are required to fill out our quick and easy pre-screening questionnaire. If necessary, we may require a virtual consultation.

Individual Class

Access to one individual live online class

4 Class Package

Access to 4 live online classes

8 Class Package

Access to 8 live online classes

Enquire About Timetable

Please enquire about our live online classes and we will send you the schedule.