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Common Questions

If I did not work out before getting pregnant, can I still work out once pregnant?

YES! Pregnancy can be an ideal time to start an exercise programme – just remember to start slowly, take breaks if you need to and listen to your body.

If I was doing the exercise/sport before falling pregnant, can I continue it throughout pregnancy?

Some forms of exercise need to be modified as pregnancy progresses and others that include any form of physical contact or pose a threat of falling/ injury need to be stopped as soon as you can. Avoiding any ballistic movements is recommended.

When can I start exercising during pregnancy?

You can start exercising once you have clearance to exercise from your gynaecologist/ health professional.

Will exercising effect my unborn baby?

Exercising during pregnancy has many benefits for both mom and baby. Follow the recommended guidelines and ensure that you are listening to your body. A good workout for mom is a good workout for baby. Research shows that exercising during pregnancy can assist in reducing the risk of your baby developing chronic diseases later in life and being generally healthier.

What happens if my heart rate goes above 140bpm?

The talk test is a more accurate measure of intensity. You should be able to exercise whilst maintaining a conversation. If you experience any abnormal breathlessness stop immediately and seek medical attention.

How soon can I start exercising post-birth?

For a natural, uncomplicated birth, you can start exercising about 4 weeks post- birth after clearance has been obtained from your gynaecologist/ health professional.

For a C-section birth, you can start exercising 6 weeks post- birth. Remember a C-section is a major abdominal surgery and you need to allow time for necessary tissue healing to take place. You can start exercising once you have been for your 6- week post-birth check-up and obtained clearance to resume exercise from your gynaecologist/ health professional.

Can exercise effect the taste and supply of my breast milk?

Moderate exercise does not affect the quantity or composition of breast milk – milk supply is based on demand, and unless you are exercising at a very high intensity and your calorie intake is insufficient, exercise will not have an effect on the taste and quantity of your breast milk.

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