Mom & Baby Classes

Congratulations on the birth of your precious little one/s!

Being a mom is the biggest blessing! However, along with all the joy of becoming a mommy, there are the sleepless nights, stress of being a parent, as well as that pesky baby bulge and “mummy tummy”, which the majority of us would love to get rid of…we are here to help!

Our postnatal exercise programme is designed to take you through a process of re-strengthening and re–activating muscles that may have been weakened during your pregnancy, and then start to build up strength and fitness levels again, and of course, help to shift any unwanted baby weight. All in-studio classes are streamed over Zoom so ladies can decide if they would like to attend in person or online.

We encourage you to bring your baby along to classes, and we try to include the babies in the classes, so you can enjoy a fun and safe exercise session without having to leave baby at home.

This is also a great way to bond with your baby as well as to get to know other new moms. The aim of our post-natal classes is to create a relaxed and comfortable environment for moms and babies to participate in a safe and effective exercise programme.

How our Post-Natal Classes are Run

Our postnatal classes are 45 minutes long, and include a variety of cardiovascular exercise, core reactivation and strengthening, strength and conditioning as well as flexibility and relaxation work at the end. We prioritize safety and hygiene in our classes and follow strict Covid-19 protocols. We have a limited number of ladies per class which gives classes a safe and personalised feel. All exercises can be adapted to include your little one, however they are often content to just lie next to mom and watch or have a little nap while you exercise.

You can start our Fit 4 Two programme 6- weeks post c-section delivery. If you have had a normal vaginal delivery with no complications, you are able to join classes 4 weeks postpartum.  This is to allow for tissue healing to take place.

Prior to starting classes, we will ensure that you have received clearance from your Gynae to resume exercise and will then go through an assessment with you so we are aware of your history and any previous or current injuries/ conditions you may have.

Our post–natal exercise programme is a fantastic way to get back into exercise after having a baby!

Pictures from Our Mom & Baby Classes

Benefits for Mom

Weight Loss
Great way to facilitate postpartum weight loss in a healthy way

Improved Cardiovascular Fitness

Improved Core Strength

Regain strength lost during pregnancy

Improved Energy Levels
Which leads to improved ability to cope with the rigours of parenting

Social Benefits
Get out of the house and meet other like-minded new moms

Bond with Your Baby
Babies love the movement and one-on-one time with mom

Prevention and Management of Post-natal Depression
Exercise is a great way to manage/prevent postnatal depression

Benefits for Baby

Bonding time with mom

Social interaction with other babies as they get older

Instills a healthy example of exercise habits from an early age