Planet earth is a crazy and scary place to be in now, with the unknown and unchartered territories we’re all currently exploring, facing the COVID-19 pandemic. Now if we add pregnancy and/or motherhood into the mix, it can just about send you over the edge, particularly if you’re a first-time mama.

Fortunately, the pregnant population seems to have come off relatively unscathed up until this point (I mean, we all know that mothers are superhuman, but here’s actual proof for those non-believers!) None the less, it is still a worrisome environment for anyone to be in, particularly if you have other little human beings that are dependant on you. Now everyone is going to have a different response to the current world crisis, I know most mama’s will be suiting up in their “Wonder Woman” gear (which in all honesty, is never really taken off 😉 ) but sometimes we need to take a step back and look at things realistically.

Of course, we can do our bit to help #flattenthecurve. Be it by enforcing stricter hygiene standards, making sure to do our bit with social distancing or simply not being “that” person buying all of the toilet paper left on the shelves at your local supermarket. We simply, however, cannot stop this wretched lurgie all by ourselves, which can be an overwhelming realisation to face.

So, if we cannot control what’s happening around us, how about controlling how we respond to what’s happening around us?

For instance:

  • How are your little ones (either still baking away, or those already earth side) faring? Their response is going to be directly linked to yours.
  • How is your mental wellbeing coping with this additional stress of so much unknown? Don’t be afraid to talk to those with the appropriate training and qualifications to assist if you are finding it all too much. Remember to not get bogged down by all the fake news doing the rounds – Only heed the advice of the professionals and appropriate regulatory bodies such as The World Health Organization https://www.who.int/ or The National Institute for Communicable Diseases http://www.nicd.ac.za/.
  • What measures are you taking for you and your families’ physical wellbeing? Whilst most things may be cancelled in terms of large group gatherings and restrictions on densely populated public spaces enforced, exercise and movement are not cancelled (…nor is laundry, laundry is never cancelled – but we’ll leave that for another day’s discussion!)

There are papers and papers of academic research confirming the positive impact that exercise can have on immunity, not only for the general population but for those mama’s going through pregnancy too.

Exercise doesn’t only have to be gym based – just get moving! Have a dance-off in your living room, go for a walk,  run races with the kids in the back garden (Did I hear someone say extended Easter holidays?!?) get creative with the house chores, or leave the house chores and make your home a real-life obstacle course! Or, perhaps turn to your favourite pre and post-natal group, Fit4Two to have your backs 😉 We usually like to have our sessions in a group setting, considering the multiple additional benefits that can be gained by having face to face time, but know that we need to keep our socially responsible distance, just until things settle down.

The team is thus hard at work putting together some online platforms so you can still have your favourite sessions, designed by fully qualified biokineticists in the comfort of your own home, with the benefit of a protective screen between you all! What could be better?! Get your sweat on and keep your sweats on, because let’s face it  – none of us have anywhere else to be! Now that sounds like an ideal response to the current health happenings in the world we face today. 

Stay strong mama’s!

Yours in health and wellness,