To be completely honest with you all – the plan for this piece was to have a seamless transition from the last entry, picking up on the topic of “exercise and immunity” amidst all of the current concerns our planet earth is facing. 

However, nothing seemed to be working and let’s face it, I think we’ve all just about had enough of this wretched virus and its impact on everything, have we not? Which got me thinking about adaptability – how utterly amazing is the female form in its ability to adapt? Be it physically, mentally and every other conceivable aspect? 

From the second our bodies register that there is something happening in the reproductive part of our physiology – there is a whole cascade of responses that take place and don’t stop from day dot. It is absolutely miraculous to see, within a relatively short period of time (although some days could equate to years, am I right?) as we go through the various stages of pregnancy. 

Constant changes in hormonal levels, ever changing body shape, weird sensations that come and go as the foetal development evolves, shifting our dietary habits to make sure that both you and little bub are being taken care of, coming to grips emotionally with this new role we will be stepping into as a parent, figuring out the work/stay at home scenario… the list goes on.

But it doesn’t stop there now does it? Goodness no! How adaptable do we have to be as mothers too? I’d say more so than a chameleon strutting around on a box of Smarties! Particularly if there are multiple little sprogs that need to be taken care of.  Sleep routines, growth spurts, food preferences that change overnight, liking these shoes, then hating them the next day…breathe mama!

Change. Adapt. Continue…it happens all the time, oftentimes without us realising, sometimes with a little bit of resistance or hesitation, but it happens regardless. We’ve seen that now with the current lockdown (sorry, it had to sneak in somewhere!) and be it a somewhat forced adaptability from a healthcare point of view, it does allow for time to consider the adaptations that are actually necessary in our lives. I saw a quote the other day from Dave Hollis that said; “In the rush to return to normal; use this time to consider which parts of normal are worth rushing back to.” Some profound words there Dave! Some that I’m hoping to take to heart during this gifted period of time we all so desperately seek in our busy lives. 

From a Fit 4 Two point of view, there have been some major adaptations. Obviously, the group classes are a no go at the moment until further notice. We absolutely love these sessions when mama’s come together and share their experiences, provide support and suggestions– creating the “village” it requires to get through this thing called “motherhood”. But times, they are a changing – and as such we have had to adapt too! 

Have you tried the new online platform that has recently launched? Do you have any other suggestions for us during this lockdown that could perhaps help you on your health and wellness way during these unprecedented times? Send us some feedback and comments so that we can continue to adapt to the needs of our mama’s. Things have undoubtedly changed – we’re trying to adapt and we’ll make sure that we can continue as all amazing mama’s constantly do.

Yours in health and wellness,